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Creating quality websites

A good website provides its visitors with a pleasant user experience. For a website to rank well on Google, it must have a fast loading time, rich content, a responsive format…

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Home pages

The home page is different from the other pages of a web portal.

Magazine sites

A magazine site is a thematic portal that focuses on specific topics.

Landing page

The landing page is created solely for the purposes of a marketing campaign or advertisement.

SEO in a few words


Google Adwords

Make your site appear at the top of Google searches.

Social advertising

Buying advertising space through social media.

Content Marketing

Develop the visibility of a company or brand on the web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics takes the form of a tracking code.

WordPress vs Drupal:
which CMS to choose?

Drupal appeared in 2001, while WordPress was created in 2003. These 2 CMS have asserted themselves against other content management technologies. These open source solutions are attached to the company Automatic (WordPress) and Acquia (Drupal).

The advantage with WordPress is that it is easy to use. The accessibility of the tool is one of the weak points of Drupal. The mes-assurances.info website is designed by a CMS specialised in blog management or website management.

Graphic design - Keeping
up with the trends!

Graphic design

Typeface boom

Enhance the design of your site by choosing from a variety of fonts.

Geometric illustrations

Enhance your site with illustrations and geometric clipart.

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Keywords & SEO

The universassurance.com website has relevant SEO copywriting.


Increase the notoriety and authority of target websites.

SEO videos and

What is the impact of videos on SEO?

How to do a UX audit
of your website?

The user experience plays a key role in the conversion rate of a website. Performing a UX audit ensures that visitors to your web portal can easily find the information they are looking for. To increase your turnover, you need to combine easy navigation with relevant content.

There are several steps to perform a UX audit of a website: putting yourself in the users’ shoes, using testers to get an external perspective…